Alfredo is a bilingual poet and novelist.
A lawyer in the making in his final year of Law School in Universidad Anáhuac Norte, he believes in the enormous power of words.
Lover of every single form of storytelling, Alfredo began a second university degree on January of 2023, majoring in English Language and Literature in UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México).
Concocting stories and poems at the whims of his muses, sometimes he does so at home, sometimes walking or driving. It’s easy to lose track of him, so when you do, we recommend that you seek him in the deep halls of Erebor. He’ll be under the Christmas tree with a huge mariachi hat on his head, drinking some mate, smoking his third cigarette, and reading «The Raven» by Edgar Allan Poe. Ask him whatever you want, but rest assured that his answer will be: «Sorry, what did you say?»
A Few Tears of Bile is his first published book, and he is currently working on a novel, two screenplays and giving the final touches to his horror novella Nam Gets Milk.
He lives in Ciudad Satélite, Estado de México.

IG: @alfredodiaz_author

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