Alejandro Labala Rulli

By profession Civil and Hydraulic Engineer (UNLP, Bs.As. Argentina), Technical Engineer of Public Works, specializing in Civil Constructions (Madrid, Spain), with specialties in: Renewable Energies (Censolar, Seville, Spain), Energy Efficiency and Energy Transformation (Renac, Berlin, Germany), has developed small, medium and large-scale projects in the aforementioned disciplines, with a consolidated track record over more than 30 years uninterrupted activity.

Committed from a very young age to science, he has continued to be a popularizer and speaker on issues as profound and worrying as «Climate Change» and «Global Warming».

As an Inventor and Creator, he is achieving goals of recognized importance, managing to register the first Invention Patent in the field of  «Sustainable Development» in The United States of America, an event that identifies him as a pioneer in the field, and today he continues to advance to global level with the creation of «Zero Energy Zero Emissions» and «Green Innovations» projects, in Civil Engineering and Architecture, with the aim of mitigation the negative impacts caused by traditional engineering practices on our habitat: The Earth.